RS-BA1 Version 2 update Version 2.41

Download Type Control software
Model name RS-BA1 Version 2
Version Version 2.41
Update 2021/12/24
Major changes
  1. Changes from Version 2.40
    1. ・Improved that some PCs failed to display the transceiver connected by USB on the list when you made a local setup for the Remote Utility.
      ・Revised the instruction manual installed at the same time.
  • To update the firmware
  • • Execute the Update.exe extracted from the downloaded file on the PC that has an older RS-BA1 Version 2 installed. Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Notes
  • • This update cannot be applied to the RS-BA1 (Version 1.**).
  • • The revised manual is also downloadable from the link below.
  • • The USB 3.0 driver for your transceiver can be downloaded on its Support/Download page.
  • • The firmware for the RC-28 is downloadable.
  • • Merge (double-click) the ‘Recover_Setup_Rsba1_Control.reg’ and ‘Recover_Setup_Utility.reg’ extracted registry files ONLY when you need to initialize the settings of the RS-BA1.
  • • The software will be updated to the following versions.
  • Remote control: Version 2.41
  • Remote utility: Version 2.21
File Size 23.60MB
File Type zip
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